Speechless before
these budding green spring leaves
in blazing sunlight.

Basho -The Narrow Road to the Interior

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21st May - Ferry Crossing (Plymouth, England to Roscoff, France)

  Of all the questions we’ve been asked along the way, by far the most popular, way out on top of the charts for the umpteenth week running is this: “How are you going to / How did you…cross the channel?” Well, believe it or not, we took the ferry. For centuries, man has employed these cunning devices for transporting people, animals and goods across short stretches of water. For us, this was far and away the easiest day of the trip. The horses went in a lorry, the lorry went on the boat and we were normal people for a while – we even had a meal in the cafeteria with the other human beings.

  We can empathise with Tschiffely on this. On his route from Buenos Aires to New York he crossed high mountains, he crossed burning deserts, he crossed raging torrents, and yet the most common question he was asked was: “How did you cross the Panama Canal?” Answer: he used the bridge. Are people trying to catch us out? Have we cheated by taking a ferry? Should we have ridden to Dover where it’s a mere 22 mile swim to Calais? One thing’s for sure, if we ever make it to Jordan I know what the first question is going to be…

Fog in the channel - continent cut off
Newspaper headline